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Publications & Printing Services

Like all scientific institutions, ICTP runs services providing for the record and dissemination of the knowledge created or updated within its walls or transferred by means of its high-level training programmes. A special and unique feature of the Centre is its belonging to the family of the United Nations, which implies particular attention to the needs of emerging countries. In more than forty years, the publications and printing services have evolved from a nearly craftsmanship set-up to one using up-to-date technology. From their debut, great importance was assigned to these services since their product (preprints, reports, lecture notes and preprint registries) was nearly the only connection of many scientific institutions in the developing countries and in Eastern Europe with the advances of physics and mathematics achieved in the industrialized world.



The office handles scientific research results obtained by resident scientific staff and by scientific visitors (associate members, staff associates and others), which have been published as preprints or reports until 2010. More than 10,600 articles in various fields have been published since 1964. All these preprints are available on-line.

Original material presented at ICTP workshops, schools, colleges etc. may be published in the ICTP Lecture Notes Series (LNS). As yet, 24 volumes covering various disciplines have been produced by the office. They are all available on-line for consultation and/or downloading.

The Print Shop

The Print Shop is located on the lower level of the E. Fermi building. In addition to a certain number of preprints and reports and LNS volumes, it also produces copies of lecture notes presented at the numerous workshops, seminars and conferences of the Centre - about 60 every year - as well as posters/announcements for forthcoming events, activities and programmes of ICTP, which are dispatched to the members of its Central mailing list.

Moreover, it also prints the ICTP letterhead, business cards, forms, coupons, books, pamphlets and many other items upon request. A plotter is also available for the printing of posters etc. in A0, A1, A2 and other formats.

The Central Mailing List

At present some 4,870 addresses are included in ICTP's central mailing list. They are broken down into 12 main fields and subdivided into categories according to the type of material to be dispatched.

Announcements, bulletins, Scientific Calendar and News from ICTP are prepared for mailing by the Dispatch unit.

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