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Lecture Notes Series Archive

Since unpublished material presented at the meetings might prove of great interest also to scientists who did not take part in the schools, the Centre has made them available through a new publication titled ICTP Lecture Note Series. It is hoped that this formally structured pedagogical material in advanced topics will be helpful to young students and researchers, in particular to those working under less favourable conditions. 

  • Volume 24

    (ISBN 92-95003-42-X) - November 2009
    Chemistry and Material Science Applications on Grid Infrastructures
    Editors: S. Cozzini (CNR-DEMOCRITOS, Italy), A. Laganà (University of Perugia, Italy)
  • Volume 23

    (ISBN 92-95003-38-1) - October 2008
    Some Recent Developments in Algebraic K-Theory
    Editors: E. Friedlander (Northwestern University, USA), A. Kuku (University of Iowa, USA), C. Pedrini (Univ. degli Studi di Genova, Italy)
  • Volume 22

    (ISBN 92-95003-39-X) - August 2008
    Nuclear Physics and Data for Material Analysis
    Editor: N. Paver (Univ. Trieste and INFN, Italy)
  • Volume 21

    (ISBN 92-95003-37-3) - June 2008
    School on Automorphic Forms on GL(n)
    Editors: L. Göttsche (ICTP, Italy), G. Harder (Bonn University, Germany), M.S. Raghunathan (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India)
  • Volume 20

    (ISBN 92-95003-30-6) - April 2005
    Nuclear Reaction Data and Nuclear Reactors: Physics, Design and Safety
    Editors: M. Herman (National Nuclear Data Center, NY, USA), N. Paver (Univ. Trieste and INFN, Italy)
  • Volume 19

    (ISBN 92-95003-28-4) - August 2004
    Intersection Theory and Moduli
    Editors: E. Arbarello (Univ. La Sapienza, Roma, Italy), G. Ellingsrud (Univ. Oslo, Norway), L. Göttsche (ICTP)
  • Volume 18

    (ISBN 92-95003-26-8) - May 2004
    Invited Presentations, College on Soil Physics 2003
    Editors: D.M. Gabriels (Univ. Ghent, Belgium), G. Ghirardi (Univ. Trieste, Italy), D.R. Nielsen (Univ. California, USA), I. Pla Sentis (Univ. Lleida, Spain), E.L. Skidmore (Kansas State Univ., USA)
  • Volume 17

    (ISBN 92-95003-25-X) - March 2004
    School and Conference on Probability Theory
    Editor: G.F. Lawler (Cornell Univ., USA)
  • Volume 16

    (ISBN 92-95003-23-3) - December 2003
    Introduction to International Radio Regulations
    Editor: S.M. Radicella (ICTP)
  • Volume 15

    (ISBN 92-95003-21-7) - September 2003
    Contemporary Developments in Algebraic K-Theory
    Editors: M. Karoubi (Univ. Paris 7, France), A.O. Kuku (ICTP), C. Pedrini (Univ. Genova, Italy)
  • Volume 14

    (ISBN 92-95003-20-9) - August 2003
    2002 Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
    Editors: G. Dvali (N.Y. Univ., USA), A. Perez-Lorenzana (IPN, Mexico), G. Senjanovic (ICTP), Thompson (ICTP) and F. Vissani (INFN, Italy)
  • Volume 13

    (ISBN 92-95003-19-5) - August 2003
    2002 Spring School on Superstrings and Related Matters
    Editors: C. Bachas (ENS, Paris, France), E. Gava (INFN and ICTP, Italy), J. Maldacena (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA), K.S. Narain (ICTP), S. Randjbar-Daemi (ICTP)
  • Volume 12

    (ISBN 92-95003-17-9) - December 2002
    Accelerator Driven Systems for Energy Production and Waste Incineration: Physics, Design and Related Nuclear Data
    Editors: M. Herman (IAEA, Vienna, Austria), N. Paver (Univ. Trieste and INFN, Italy), A. Stanculescu (IAEA, Vienna, Austria)
  • Volume 11

    (ISBN 92-95003-16-0) - December 2002
    Evolution and Convergence in Telecommunications
    Editors: S. Radicella, D. Grilli (ICTP)
  • Volume 10

    (ISBN 92-95003-13-6) - September 2002
    2001 Summer School on Particle Physics
    Editors: A. Masiero (SISSA, Italy), G. Senjanovic (ICTP), A.Yu. Smirnov (ICTP), G. Thompson (ICTP)
  • Volume 9

    (ISBN 92-95003-12-8) - August 2002
    Topology of High-Dimensional Manifolds
    Editors: F.T. Farrell (Binghamton University, USA), L. Göttshe (ICTP), W. Lueck (Westfalische Wilhelms-Universitat, Munster, Germany)
  • Volume 8

    (ISBN 92-95003-11-X) - July 2002
    Mathematical Control Theory
    Editor: A.A. Agrachev (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, and SISSA, Italy)
  • Volume 7

    (ISBN 92-95003-10-1) - May 2002
    2001 Spring School on Superstrings and Related Matters
    Editors: C. Bachas (ENS, Paris, France), J. Maldacena (Harvard University, Cambridge, USA), K.S. Narain (ICTP), S. Randjbar-Daemi (ICTP)
  • Volume 6

    (ISBN 92-95003-09-8) - December 2001
    Vanishing Theorems and Effective Results in Algebraic Geometry
    Editors: J.P. Demailly (Universite' de Grenoble I, France), L. Göttsche (ICTP), R. Lazarsfeld (University of Michigan, USA)
  • Volume 5

    (ISBN 92-95003-08-X) - December 2001
    Nuclear Reaction Data and Nuclear Reactors
    Editors: N. Paver (Univ. Trieste, Italy), M. Herman (IAEA, Vienna, Austria), A. Gandini (ENEA, Roma, Italy)
  • Volume 4

    (ISBN 92-95003-02-0) - November 2001
    Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology
    Editors: G. Senjanovic (ICTP), A. Yu. Smirnov (ICTP), G. Thompson (ICTP)
  • Volume 3

    (ISBN 92-95003-05-5) - May 2001
    Gravitational Waves: A Challenge to Theoretical Astrophysics
    Editors: V. Ferrari (Univ. Roma, Italy), J.C. Miller (SISSA, Italy), L. Rezzolla (SISSA, Italy)
  • Volume 2

    (ISBN 92-95003-04-7) - December 2000
    Mathematical Problems in Image Processing
    Editor: C.E. Chidume (ICTP)
  • Volume 1

    ISBN 92-95003-00-4) - August 2000
    Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry
    Editor: L. Göttsche (ICTP)

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