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ICTP Lecture Notes Series, Volume 10
(ISBN 92-95003-13-6) - June 2002

2001 Summer School on Particle Physics

Editors: A. Masiero (SISSA, Italy), G. Senjanovic (ICTP, Italy), A.Yu Smirnov (ICTP, Italy) and G. Thompson (ICTP, Italy)

vol. 10 coverIntroduction

The aim of this school was to give a panoramic view on the field of particle physics with its achievements and problems, successes and failures.
The standard model of the electroweak and strong interactions is in perfect shape. Physics of the standard model and its precision tests have been extensively discussed during the school.
What is next? Do we have a 'standard model' of physics beyond the standard model? In this connection the status of low scale supersymmetry, supersymmetric Grand Unification and various flavor symmetries has been presented. Discovery of neutrino masses and mixing is probably the first experimental manifestation of new physics.
Do we have a viable alternative of the (TeV scale) SUSY and GUT? Models with large, or infinite, or wrapped extra dimensions, the bulk-brane scenarios (widely discussed in series of lectures) may give some answers to this question.
Is non-commutative field theory relevant for particle physics? Are the tools we have at hand enough to solve problems of particle physics? Is something fundamentally important missed in our approaches? These, and many other questions, were among the hot topics of the school.
In this volume we publish four courses of lectures given by leading experts in the fields which represent two main areas of the research mentioned above: Physics of the standard model and Physics beyond the standard model.
Both basic and advanced topics are presented in the lectures on nonperturbative QCD and quark-gluon plasma. First results from heavy ion collider RHIC are discussed. Important recent progress in particle physics is related to operation of the B-factories. This subject is covered in lectures on B-physics and CP-violation.
Physics beyond the standard model is represented by lectures on Grand Unification with emphasis on explanation of fermion masses, in particular neutrino masses and mixing, and on predictions for proton decay. Another course is devoted to the fascinating subject: physics of non-commutative field theories.
In conclusion, we wish to thank all participants: lecturers, students and our staff, for their invaluable contribution to the success of the school.

A.Yu Smirnov
June, 2002

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