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ICTP Lecture Notes Series, Volume 12
(ISBN 92-95003-17-9) - December 2002

Accelerator Driven Systems for Energy Production and Waste Incineration: Physics, Design and Related Nuclear Data

Editors: M. Herman (IAEA, Austria), N. Paver (Univ. Trieste and INFN, Italy) and A. Stanculescu (IAEA, Austria)


vol. 12 coverIntroduction

This volume contains the notes of lectures given at the workshops 'Hybrid Nuclear Systems for Energy Production, Utilisation of Actinides & Transmutation of Long-lived Radioactive Waste' and 'Nuclear Data for Science and Technology: Accelerator Driven Waste Incineration', held at the Abdus Salam ICTP in September 2001.
The subject of the first workshop was focused on the so-called Accelerator Driven Systems, and covered the most important physics and technological aspects of this innovative field. The second workshop was devoted to an exhaustive survey on the acquisition, evaluation, retrieval and validation of the nuclear data relevant to the design of Accelerator Driven Systems.
This partial collection should represent a useful reference for researchers interested in these topics. For the benefit of potential readers who did not participate in the workshops these lecture notes will also be available from the ICTP Web-page ( for free access and consultation.
The workshops were organized by the Abdus Salam ICTP, IAEA and ENEA. The editors are grateful to these Institutions for their sponsorship and support. Moreover, they thank the speakers for their excellent lectures and preparation of the notes presented here, and the staff for their invaluable help in successfully running the workshops and for the professional preparation of the volume.

M. Herman, N. Paver, A. Stanculescu
December, 2002

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