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ICTP Lecture Notes Series, Volume 21
(ISBN 92-95003-37-3) - June 2008

School on Automorphic Forms on GL(n)

Editors: L. Göttsche (ICTP, Italy), G. Harder (Bonn University, Germany) M.S. Raghunathan (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India)



  • Automorphic Forms in GL(n) I: Decomposition of the Space of Cusp Forms and Some Finiteness Results
    M.S. Raghunathan
    [Sources: ps, pdf]

  • Classical Modular Forms
    T.N. Venkataramana
    [Sources: ps, pdf]

  • Notes on L-functions for GLn
    J.W. Cogdell
    [Sources: ps, pdf]

  • Representation Theory of GL(n) over Non-Archimedean Local Fields
    A. Prasad and A. Raghuram
    [Sources: ps, pdf]

  • The Langlands Program (An Overview)
    G. Harder
    [Sources: ps, pdf]

  • The Local Langlands Correspondence for GL(n) over p-adic Fields
    T. Wedhorn
    [Sources: ps, pdf]

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