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ICTP Lecture Notes Series, Volume 5
(ISBN 92-95003-08-X) - December 2001

Nuclear Reaction Data and Nuclear Reactors

Editors: N. Paver (Univ. Trieste, Italy), M. Herman (IAEA, Vienna, Austria), A. Gandini (ENEA, Roma, Italy)

vol. 5 coverIntroduction

These two volumes contain the lecture notes of the workshop "Nuclear Reaction Data and Nuclear Reactors: Physics, Design and Safety", which was held at the Adbus Salam ICTP in the Spring of 2000.

The workshop consisted of five weeks of lecture courses followed by practical computer exercises on nuclear data traetment and design of nuclear power systems.
The spectrum of topics is wide enought to timely cover the state-of-the-art and the perspectives of this broad field. The first two weeks were devoted to nuclear reaction models and nuclear data evaluation. Nuclear data processing for applications to reactor calculations was the subject of the third week. On the last two weeks reactor physics and on-going projects in nuclear power generations, waste disposal and safety were presented.
In our intention, this collection of lectures should represent a useful reference for people interested in these subjects and, therefore, they will be appended to the ICTP webpage ( for free access and consultation.
The workshop was sponsored by the Abdus Salam ICTP, IAEA and ENEA and we thank these Intitutions for their support. Morover, we wish to thank the organizers for their organizational work, the speakers for their excellent lectures and the participants for their enthusiastic interest. Finally, we are grateful to our staff for their invaluable help in succesfully running this long activity and for the professional preparation of these volumes.

N. Paver
M. Herman
A. Gandini

December, 2001

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