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ICTP Lecture Notes Series, Volume 8
(ISBN 92-95003-11-X) - July 2002

Mathematical Control Theory

Editor: A.A. Agrachev (Steklov Mathematical Institute, Moscow, Russia, and SISSA, Italy)
vol. 8 coverIntroduction

This volume is based on the lecture notes of the minicourses given in the frame of the school on Mathematical Control Theory held at the Abdus Salam ICTP from 3 to 28 September 2001.
Mathematical Control Theory is a rapidly growing field which provides strict theoretical and computational tools for dealing with problems arising in electrical and aerospace engineering, automatics, robotics, applied chemistry, and biology etc. Control methods are also involved in questions pertaining to the development of countries in the South, such as wastewater treatment, agronomy, epidemiology, population dynamics, control of industrial and natural bio-reactors. Since most of these natural processes are highly nonlinear, the tools of nonlinear control are essential for the modelling and control of such processes.

At present regular courses in Mathematical Control Theory are rarely included in the curricula of universities, and very few researchers receive enough background in the field. Therefore it is important to organize specific activities in the form of schools to provide the necessary background for those embarking on research in this field.
The school at the Abdus Salam ICTP consisted of several minicourses intended to provide an introduction to various topics of Mathematical Control Theory, including Linear Control Theory (finite and infinite-dimensional), Nonlinear Control, and Optimal Control. The last week of the school was concentrated on applications of Mathematical Control Theory, in particular, those which are important for the development of non-industrialized countries.
The school was intended primarily for mathematicians and mathematically oriented engineers at the beginning of their career. The typical participant was expected to be a graduate student or young post-doctoral researcher interested in Mathematical Control Theory. It was assumed that participants have sufficient background in Ordinary Differential Equations and Advanced Calculus.
The volume contains thirteen contributions divided into two parts. The volume, as well as the school it is based on, pursues primarily educational and instructive goals. We tried to distribute the material according to the same purposes. The volume starts with Linear Control Systems, then turns to Nonlinear Systems and Optimal Control Theory. Basic elementary courses are intended to help to study subsequent more specific ones. The volume finishes with some real world applications.

We believe that the volume as a whole and its parts can serve for both the self-depended study and the teaching as a kind of contemporary textbook in Mathematical Control Theory.

Andrei Agrachev
May, 2002

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