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LAMP Series Reports

The ICTP-LAMP reports consist of manuscripts relevant to seminars and discussions held at ICTP in the field of Laser, Atomic and Molecular Physics (LAMP).

These reports aim at informing LAMP researchers on the activity carried out at ICTP in their field of interest, with the specific purpose of stimulating scientific contacts and collaboration of physicists from developing countries.

Year 1995

  • LAMP/95/1

    The effects of correlation, relativity, quantum electrodynamic, nuclear size and parity non-conservation in alkali atoms and alkali-like ions
    by S.N. Tiwary
  • LAMP/95/2

    Variation of the refractive index for the active layer of the double heterostructure GaAlAsSb/GaInAsSb/GaAlAsSb in injected mode
    by Messanh A. Mohou
  • LAMP/95/3

    Down-conversion processes and the parametric approximation
    by D. Mogilevtsev
  • LAMP/95/4

    Detection of vegetation stress from laser-induced fluorescence signatures
    by N. Subhash
  • LAMP/95/5

    Bright and dark solitary wave propagation and bistability in the anomalous dispersion region of optical waveguides with third- and fifth-order nonlinearities
    by Dimitar Pushkarov and Stoyan Tanev
  • LAMP/95/6

    Modeling of novel light sources based on asymmetric heterostructures
    by A.A. Afonenko, V.K. Kononenko and I.S. Manak
  • LAMP/95/7

    Generation of holographic gratings on Agfa emulsion and investigation of their relief structure using atomic force microscopy
    by F.N. Ecevit, A. Alacakir and R. Aydin
  • LAMP/95/8

    Nonradiative Auger and Shockley-Hall-Read recombinations influence on transient process and threshold characteristic of DHS and QW lasers
    by A.N. Kuzmin, S.V. Voitikov, G.I. Ryabtsev and V.P. Gribkovskii
  • LAMP/95/9

    Dynamics of two three-level atoms interacting with two modes of radiation
    by A.-S.F. Obada and Zeinab M. Omar

Year 1994

  • LAMP/94/1

    Semiclassical hyperspherical matrix elements for helium doubly excited
    by J. Mahecha Gomez
  • LAMP/94/2

    Stimulated emission reduction due to atomic coherence effects
    by Yuzhu Wang, Chao Ye, Xi Gu, Jiaming Zhao, Yongsheng Wu, Shanyu Zhou, Xiaojuan Wang and Yashu Liu
  • LAMP/94/3

    Optical space communication: An overview
    by V.K. Jain
  • LAMP/94/4

    Photoionisation of O$^6+$ below the n=3 threshold of the reduced ion
    by N.A.B. Faye and A. Wague
  • LAMP/94/5

    Laser cooling of neutral atoms by red-shifted diffuse light in an optical integral sphere cavity
    by Yuzhu Wang, Hongxin Chen, Weiquan Cai, Liang Liu, Shanyu Zhou, Wei Shu and Fosheng Li
  • LAMP/94/6

    Visualization and direct comparison of large displacements using difference holographic interferometry
    by F. Necati Ecevit and Ramazan Aydin
  • LAMP/94/7

    Ultrasonic study on ternary liquid systems by laser-sound interaction
    by Mehdi Behboudnia, F. Necati Ecevit and Ramazan Aydin

Year 1993

  • LAMP/93/1

    Molecular dynamics simulation of electronically excited polyatomic molecules
    by V.D. Vachev, B.A. Grishnanin and V.N. Zadkov
  • LAMP/93/2

    Analysis of new active media for high power gas flow lasers in visible and near IR spectrum
    by V.V. Naumov, V.A. Kochelap and I.A. Izmailov
  • LAMP/93/3

    Three-photon micromasers
    by A.-S.F. Obada, A.M.M. Abu-Sitta and O.M. Yasin
  • LAMP/93/4

    Numerical simulation methods for wave propagation through optical waveguides
    by Anurag Sharma

Year 1992

  • LAMP/92/1

    Observation of squeezed light and quantum description of the macroscopical body movement
    by V.P. Bykov
  • LAMP/92/2

    Solution of the 2-D Helmholtz equation for optical waveguides: Semi-analytical and numerical variational approaches
    by A. Sharma and P. Bindal
  • LAMP/92/3

    A new strategy for the calculation of the CI oscillator strengths for the lowest lying autoionizing level in the Na isoelectronic sequence
    by S.N. Tiwary
  • LAMP/92/4

    Excitation mechanism for XUV and X-ray lasers
    by Th.M. El-Sherbini and M.M. Arrubban
  • LAMP/92/5

    Ionic classification of XE laser lines: A new approach through time resolved spectroscopy
    by D. Schinca, R. Duchowicz and M. Gallardo
  • LAMP/92/6

    Analysis of photoisomerizable dyes using laser absorption and fluorescence techniques
    by R. Duchowicz, R.E. Di Paolo, L. Scaffardi and J.O. Tocho

Year 1991

  • LAMP/91/1

    Real time refractive index measurement by ESPI
    by R. Torroba and C. Joenathan
  • LAMP/91/2

    Development of tunable flashlamp excited dye laser system
    by V. Bhanthumnavin, S. Apikitmata and P. Kochareon
  • LAMP/91/3

    Single photon double ionization of helium
    by S.N. Tiwary
  • LAMP/91/4

    Interference in a thick plate at large angle of incidence
    by M.T. Tavassoli and F. Shah Shehany
  • LAMP/91/5

    Introduction to optical fiber sensors
    by Sh. Moukdad
  • LAMP/91/6

    Investigations of breakdown of rare gases by short pulses of 1.06 $\mu$m laser radiation
    by Yosr E.E.-D. Gamal and M.S. Shafik
  • LAMP/91/7

    Propagation in non-linear media: Refractive index in non-linear media
    by F.K. Faramawy, M.M. Abu Sitta and A.-S.F. Obada
  • LAMP/91/8

    Anomalous luminescence of disperse media during stimulated emission into whispering gallery modes
    by V.V. Datsyuk, I.A. Izmailov and V.A. Kochelap
  • LAMP/91/9

    Hyper-Raman scattering and three-photon resonant ionization: Competitive effects
    by A.M. Guzman and C. Ramirez
  • LAMP/91/10

    Rigid notations in two-electron atoms in a uniform magnetic field
    by J. Mahecha G.

Year 1990

  • LAMP/90/1

    Investigation of surface deformations by double exposure holographic interferometry
    by F.N. Ecevit, H. Guven and R. Aydin
  • LAMP/90/2

    Theoretical prediction of nonlinear Brewster angle ADP
    by V. Bhanthumnavin and N. Ampole
  • LAMP/90/3

    High resolution laser spectroscopy in cold supersonic molecular beams. Cooling, reduction of Doppler width and applications
    by E. Mehdizadeh
  • LAMP/90/4

    Laser Raman and infrared spectroscopic studies of molecular systems: Structural analysis of some clathrate compounds
    by Sevim Akyuz
  • LAMP/90/5

    The effect of polarization over 2nd harmonic in laser light scattering by free electrons
    by V.P. Verma
  • LAMP/90/6

    Photoelectron spectroscopy via electronic spectroscopy of molecular ions
    by Zahid H. Khan
  • LAMP/90/7

    The JCM with initial number-phase minimum uncertainty state field
    by Gau Ju and Li Shiqun
  • LAMP/90/8

    Principles of optical fibre communication techniques: Noncoherent and coherent
    by V.K. Jain

Year 1989

  • LAMP/89/1

    Critical analysis of the OH fundamental vibrational spectrum of supercooled liquid water
    by John Wiafe-Akenten
  • LAMP/89/2

    The characters of slab lasers
    by Lu Xuanhui and Wang Shaomin
  • LAMP/89/3

    Rotation effect in the vibration-rotation wave function of a diatomic molecule
    by Mahmoud Korek

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