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  • IC2010077 [ abstract ]

    This paper has been retracted


    Document info: Pages n/a, Figures n/a (added: 17/09/2012)

  • IC2010104 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Clifford algebras and spinors

    by Ivan Todorov

    Document info: Pages 26, Figures 0 (added: 06/03/2012)

  • IC2010103 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Oxygen and hydrogen isotopic characteristics of the Kaveri river surface waters, Southern peninsular India

    by Hema Achyuthan, Marzia Michelini, Somasis D. Sengupta, Vishwas S. Kale, Barbara Stenni and Onelio Flora

    Document info: Pages 19, Figures 4 (added: 05/03/2012)

  • IC2010100 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Electron and hole states in stained InAs/GaAs quantum dots: size and magnetic field effects

    by K. Sellami, I. Saidi, M. Yahiaoui, C. Testelin and K. Boujdaria

    Document info: Pages 17, Figures 8 (added: 02/03/2012)

  • IC2010102 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Mobile computing: the emerging technology, sensing, challenges and applications

    by T. Bezboruah

    Document info: Pages 11, Figures 2 (added: 02/03/2012)

  • IC2010101 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Singularity structure analysis of the higher-dimensional time-gated Manakov system: Periodic excitations and elastic scattering

    by Kuetche Kamgang Victor, Bouetou Bouetou Thomas and Timoleon Crepin Kofane

    Document info: Pages 30, Figures 4 (added: 02/03/2012)

  • IC2010099 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Electronic properties of corrugated graphene, the Heisenberg principle and wormhole geometry in solid state

    by Victor Atanasov and Avadh Saxena

    Document info: Pages 14, Figures 3 (added: 28/02/2012)

  • IC2010095 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Summation of the Fourier transform of measures and four denominator estimates

    by Isroil A. Ikromov

    Document info: Pages 20, Figures 0 (added: 27/02/2012)

  • IC2010094 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Geochemistry of calcretes (calico palaeosols and hardpan), Coimbatore, Southern India: Formation and paleoenvironment

    by Hema Achyuthan, Navin Shankar, Martina Braida and S. Masood Ahmed

    Document info: Pages 51, Figures 8 (added: 23/02/2012)

  • IC2010093 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Strong Local Linearization methods for the numerical integration of stochastic differential equations with additive noise: An overview

    by Juan Carlos Jimenez

    Document info: Pages 40, Figures 0 (added: 20/02/2012)

  • IC2010089 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Lifting prime ideals and Krull dimension

    by Driss Karim

    Document info: Pages 11, Figures 0 (added: 17/02/2012)

  • IC2010096 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Dynamic stability and thermodynamic characterization in an enzymatic reaction at the single molecule level

    by Moises Santillan

    Document info: Pages 11, Figures 2 (added: 16/02/2012)

  • IC2010083 [ abstract , pdf ]

    The study of birefringent homogenous medium with geometric phase

    by Dipti Banerjee

    Document info: Pages 13, Figures 0 (added: 14/02/2012)

  • IC2010092 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Numerical study of the mixed spin-1 and spin-5/2 BEG model on the Bethe lattice

    by R.A. Yessoufou, S. Bekhechi and F. Hontinfinde

    Document info: Pages 30, Figures 10 (added: 03/02/2012)

  • IC2010085 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Metabolic changes underlying bold signal variations after administration of Zolpidem

    by Rafael Rodriguez-Rojas, Calixto Machado, Lazaro Alvarez, Maylen Carballo, Jesus Perez-Nellar, Mario Estevez, Nancy Pavon and Mauricio Chinchilla

    Document info: Pages 14, Figures 3 (added: 19/01/2012)

  • IC2010084 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Estimation of surface energy fluxes using the Penman Monteith method in a tropical station

    by M.O. Adeniyi and T.A. Otunla

    Document info: Pages 16, Figures 5 (added: 17/01/2012)

  • IC2010069 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Studying of the influence of gamma radiation on magnetic properties of Sr, La, Co, Fe ferrite magnetic materials

    by Nguyen Mong Giao, Doan Thi Kim Dung, Le Hong Phuc, Le Thi Lien Chi, Tran Khac An and Tran Van Hung

    Document info: Pages 5, Figures 2 (added: 16/01/2012)

  • IC2010067 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Ability of accelerator-driven systems (ADS) to transmute long lived fission fragments

    by Nguyen Mong Giao, Nguyen Thi Ai Thu, Tu Thanh Danh, Tran Thanh Dung and Huynh Thi Kim Chi

    Document info: Pages 9, Figures 12 (added: 23/12/2011)

  • IC2010066 [ abstract , pdf ]

    The first step in studying the ability of destroying the antibiotics by gamma radiation

    by Nguyen Mong Giao, Tran Hung Manh, Nguyen Thi Ai Thu, Nguyen Quoc Thai, Tran Khac An and Tran Van Hung

    Document info: Pages 7, Figures 4 (added: 19/12/2011)

  • IC2010088 [ abstract , pdf ]

    Effects of degree-biased transmission rate and nonlinear infectivity on rumor spreading in complex social networks

    by Y. Naimi and F. Roshani

    Document info: Pages 13, Figures 0 (added: 30/08/2011)

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