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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010007 (2010)

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Holographic aspects of three dimensional QCD from string theory

by Deog Ki Hong and Ho-Ung Yee

Document info: Pages 28, Figures 11.

We study two aspects of 3D QCD with massless fermions in a holographic set-up from string theory, based on D3/D7 branes; parity anomaly and baryons as baby Skyrmions. We first give a novel account of parity anomaly of 3D QCD with odd number of flavors from the IR holographic viewpoint by observing a subtle point in D7 brane embeddings with a given fixed UV theory. We also discuss its UV origin in terms of weakly coupled D-brane pictures. We then focus on the parity-symmetric case of even number of $N_F$ flavors, and study baryons in the holographic model. We identify the monopoles of $U(N_F)$ gauge theory dynamically broken down to $U({N_F\over 2})\times U({N_F\over 2})$ in the holographic 4 dimensional bulk as a holographic counter-part of 3D baby-Skyrmions for baryons in large N limit, and work out some details how the mapping goes. In particular, we show that the correct baryon charges emerge from the bulk $\theta$ term by Witten effect.

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