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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010010 (2010)

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Theoretical analysis of open aperture reflection Z-scan on materials with high-order optical nonlinearities

by Adrian I. Petris and Valentin I. Vlad

Document info: Pages 12, Figures 5.

We present a theoretical analysis of open aperture reflection Z-scan in nonlinear media with third-, fifth-, and higher-order nonlinearities. A general analytical expression for the normalized reflectance when third-, fifth- and higher-order optical nonlinearities are excited is derived and its consequences on RZ-scan in media with high-order nonlinearities are discussed. We show that by performing RZ-scan experiments at different incident intensities it is possible to put in evidence the excitation of different order nonlinearities in the medium. Their contributions to the overall nonlinear response can be discriminated by using formulas derived by us. A RZ-scan numerical simulation using these formulas and data taken from literature, measured by another method for the third-, fifth-, and seventh-order nonlinear refractive indices of $As_2S_3$ chalcogenide glass, is performed.

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