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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010012 (2010)

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Electrified plasma in AdS/CFT correspondence

by Bindusar Sahoo and Ho-Ung Yee

Document info: Pages 24, Figures 0.

We construct new gravity backgrounds holographic dual to neutral plasma with U(1) global symmetry in the presence of constant electric field, considering its full back-reactions to the metric. As the electric field and the induced current cause a net energy in-flow to the system, the plasma is continually heated up and the corresponding gravity solution has an expanding horizon. After proposing a consistent late-time expansion scheme, we present analytic solutions in the scheme up to next-leading order, and our solutions are new time-dependent solutions of 5D asymptotic AdS Einstein-Maxwell(-Chern-Simons) theory. To extract dual CFT stress tensor and U(1) current from the solutions, we perform a rigorous holographic renormalization of Einstein-Maxwell-Chern-Simons theory including full back-reactions, which can in itself be an interesting addition to literatures. As by-products, we obtain interesting modifications of energy-momentum/current Ward identities due to the U(1) symmetry and its triangle anomaly.

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