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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010022 (2010)

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Phenomenology in the Higgs triplet model with the A_4 symmetry

by Takeshi Fukuyama Hiroaki Sugiyama and Koji Tsumura

Document info: Pages 27, Figures 0.

We discuss the phenomenology of doubly and singly charged Higgs bosons (of $SU(2)_L$-triplet fields) in the simplest $A_4$-symmetric version of the Higgs Triplet Model. Mass eigenstates of these Higgs bosons are obtained explicitly from the Higgs potential. It is shown that their decays into a pair of leptons have unique flavor structures which can be tested at the LHC if some of their masses are below the TeV scale. Sizable decay rates for $\tau \to \overline{\mu}ee$ and $\tau \to \overline{e}\mu\mu$ can be obtained naturally while other $\tau \to \overline{\ell}\ell^\prime \ell^\prime\prime$, $\mu \to \bar{e}ee$, and $\ell\to \ell^\prime \gamma$ are almost forbidden in this model. Contributions of these Higgs bosons to the non-standard interactions of neutrinos are also considered.

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