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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010044 (2010)

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Lightlike hypersurfaces in indefinite trans-Sasakian manifolds

by Fortune Massamba

Document info: Pages 29, Figures 0.

This paper deals with lightlike hypersurfaces of indefinite trans-Sasakian manifolds of type $(\alpha, \beta)$, tangent to the structure vector field. Characterization Theorems on parallel vector fields, integrable distributions, minimal distributions, Ricci-semi symmetric, geodesibility of lightlike hypersurfaces are obtained. The geometric configuration of lightlike hypersurfaces is established. We prove, under some conditions, that there are no parallel and totally contact umbilical lightlike hypersurfaces of trans-Sasakian space forms, tangent to the structure vector field. We show that there exists a totally umbilical distribution in an Einstein parallel lightlike hypersurface which does not contain the structure vector field. We characterize the normal bundle along any totally contact umbilical leaf of an integrable screen distribution. We finally prove that the geometry of any leaf of an integrable distribution is closely related to the geometry of a normal bundle and its image under $\overline{\phi}$.

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