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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010064 (2010)

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Studying angular distribution of neutron for (p,n) reaction from 0.5 GeV to 1.5 GeV on some heavy targets ^{238}U, ^{206}Pb, ^{197}Au, ^{186}W

by Nguyen Mong Giao, Tran Thanh Dung, Nguyen Thi Ai Thu and Huynh Thi Xuan Tham

Document info: Pages 13, Figures 11.

The angular distributions of neutron are calculated for a spallation reaction induced by proton energy from 0.5 GeV to 1.5 GeV on target nuclei ^{206}Pb, ^{197}Au, ^{238}U, ^{186}W. In this report, we use nuclear data of JENDL-HE [1] with evaluated proton induced cross-sections up to 3 GeV. The obtained results have been discussed in detail.

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