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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010069 (2010)

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Studying of the influence of gamma radiation on magnetic properties of Sr, La, Co, Fe ferrite magnetic materials

by Nguyen Mong Giao, Doan Thi Kim Dung, Le Hong Phuc, Le Thi Lien Chi, Tran Khac An and Tran Van Hung

Document info: Pages 5, Figures 2.

Many researchers had proved that magnetic properties are unchangeable under affecting of radiating (reach 700Mrad of doses) [1-2]. To examine the influence of gamma radiation on the Sr-La-Co-Fe ferrite magnetic system, we performed the study as follows: the $^{60}$Co gamma radiation was emitted on SrO.6Fe$_2$O$_3$ and Sr$_{0.8}$La$_{0.2}$O.6Fe$_{1.7}$-Co$_{0.3}$O$_3$ permanent magnet with doses in 100-200Mrad. Analyzing magnetic properties of this system before and after emitting by hysteresisgraph AMH 50-20 showed that the change of (B-H) loop is insignificant. Our work agrees well with the results of [1,2].

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