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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010100 (2010)

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Electron and hole states in stained InAs/GaAs quantum dots: size and magnetic field effects

by K. Sellami, I. Saidi, M. Yahiaoui, C. Testelin and K. Boujdaria

Document info: Pages 17, Figures 8.

A method for the calculation of the electronic structure of truncated-cone self-assemled InAs/GaAs quantum dots is presented. The method is based on using a 40-band k.p model to calculate the band structure of strained InAs/GaAs quantum dots, and extract the different band parameters for the calculation of the electronic properties of the InAs/GaAs quantum dots. Then, using an exact numerical matrix diagonalization technique, we calculated numerically the electron and hole eigen energies and associated eigen states. We considered thereafter the effect of an external applied magnetic field, strain and quantum dot size variation on the charge carrier energy levels. It is clearly found that the strain strongly modifies the quantum dot potential profile, leading to a different electron and hole energy distribution. Our results revealed also that the electron and hole energy spectra change significantly when varying the quantum dot size as well as the magnetic field. Given this striking nanostructure size and magnetic field energy dependent property, these systems provide the opportunity to control and tune their optical and electronic properties through these parameters, which is important in order to optimally tailor optoelectronic devices based on quantum dots.

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