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Preprints Archive: Abstract of IC2010101 (2010)

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Singularity structure analysis of the higher-dimensional time-gated Manakov system: Periodic excitations and elastic scattering

by Kuetche Kamgang Victor, Bouetou Bouetou Thomas and Timoleon Crepin Kofane

Document info: Pages 30, Figures 4.

We investigate the singularity structure analysis of the higher-dimensional time-gated Manakov system referring to the (2+1)-dimensional coupled nonlinear Schrodinger (CNLS) equations, and we show that these equations are Painleve-integrable. By means of the Weiss et al.'s methodology, we show the arbitrariness of the expansion coefficients and the consistency of the truncation corresponding to a special Backlund transformation (BT) of these CNLS equations. In the wake of such transformation, following the Hirota's formalism, we derive a one-soliton solution. Besides, by using the Zakharov-Shabat (ZS) scheme which provides a general Lax-representation of an evolution system, we show that the (2+1)-dimensional CNLS system under interests is completely integrable. Furthermore, using the arbitrariness of the above coefficients, we unearth and investigate a typical spectrum of periodic coherent structures while depicting elastic interactions amongst such patterns.

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